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Build A Shirt T-Shirt Emporium And Gift Shop
We print custom t-shirts, apparel and gifts for clubs and organizations.


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Hooded Blankets! – It’s a hoodie – that’s a blanket!  It’s a blanket – that’s a hoodie!
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You can fully customize these blankets with your own art or picture!

A Lost Boy Found Scholarship Fund was founded by John Mayen Deng who was in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya for nine years. Many nights, John slept with his eyes open, fearing for the lives of many children who were in the same conditions he was under  in the refugees camps. Although he was one of a few who were able to find peace and stability in the states , he spent many sleepless nights  thinking about the education of those left behind. With his newly found successes, John founded  “A Lost Boy found” scholarship to sponsor children in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya and give them the chance to get an education like he was presented with. 

John Mayen Deng A Lost Boy Found Scholarship Fund

   The leading title of his book is  “A Lost Boy Found”. John Mayen  was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who, through his hardships and headaches, was inspired to write  his story of faith and survival. He shares his story with others to help bring to light the children who are struggling in the refugees’ camps in Africa.

Buy The Shirt!  Give An Education!!