How Our Custom T-Shirt Business Is Different

Have you ever wanted to print up a t-shirt for a special event?  A family reunion, a church function or a school fundraiser?  I’m sure you had many choices:  local shops that print in batch; online shops that print in batch; online services that take the orders and hold them to print later, etc.

  But is different!

How Our Custom T-Shirt Business Is Different

Instead of having to commit to a single design or color – we offer over 200 custom print products!

You may have had to write up an order form and gather money from the buyers to submit to the store – we automate the whole process!  We will set up an ecommerce store with your products so that your members can simply place their own orders whenever they want and have the orders delivered directly to their homes – usually within 2 weeks.  We handle everything! – Fundraising Made Easy

In the past, selling customized t-shirts or other apparel as a fundraising program was difficult.  Someone had to contact all of the members and get their sizes, color choices, products and payment so that they could submit one order to the shirt production company.  Then when the products were ready, they had to deliver the right one to the right person.  It was very time consuming.

But today we have the internet and setting up a custom store for your organization is simple.  Members can go directly to the website and review their options and select the products, colors and features they want to order.  Then they check out with a major credit card or PayPal and the apparel is produced and shipped directly to their door in about 2 weeks.  It is an easy process for everyone involved.

Build-A-Shirt Customized Apparel Services

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Create Your Own Design And We Produce And Ship It

We print custom t-shirts, apparel and gifts for clubs and organizations.

* clubs
* schools
* churches
* choirs
* theater groups
* civic associations
* bands
* fraternities and sororities
* political groups
* charities
* anniversaries and reunions
* fund-raisers

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We design and produce custom t-shirts for individuals and organizations. We feature unique and hard to find gifts for every occasion.